Rest of Central Region (RCR) of Singapore

The Rest of Central Region, also known as the RCR, is between the Core Central Region (CCR) and the Outside Central Region (OCR). This region is defined as the “non-core central region”. The RCR zone consists of the areas that sit within the central region, but exist outside of postal districts 9, 10, 11, Downtown Core Planning Area and Sentosa.

The Rest of Central Region (RCR) is regarded as the intermediate, or mid-tier, region in terms of pricing, between the mass market condos in the OCR region and the high-value properties in the CCR. Over the last few years, the gap between RCR and CCR properties has narrowed, particularly in districts where urban development, renewal and infrastructure growth has taken place.

The RCR is known to house mid-tier value properties with high-quality condominiums and bungalows. HDBs developments in this area also generally hold a higher value when compared to their counterparts located in other regions.


With the investment and growth in MRT lines, this region is becoming increasingly popular as a rental option for expats who are choosing homes in the RCR zone over the CCR zone due to the affordability and relative proximity to Singapore’s CBD.

The Rest of Central Region (RCR) sees steady demand from investors to owner-occupiers, and from young families to retirees and upgraders. Rents in the RCR region have also outperformed the CCR and OCR in recent quarters.

Rest Of Central Region of Singapore RCR

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